Bunny Lim

“My family and I are heavy internet users be it at home or on the move. Switching to Converge is a real game changer since it provides a fast and reliable internet speed which enables us to use all our devices at the same time. My husband and I get so much work done since access to e-mail and instant messaging is as easy as 1-2-3. Gone are the days when we had to switch off some devices because of having a speed of 1-2 mbps but paying for a 5 mbps.

Multiple devices can now be used simultaneously for browsing, downloading of files, live streaming or social media. “Buffering” is a thing of the past with our 24-25 mbps speed.

The kids are happy! We are happy! With Converge, everyone is extremely satisfied.”

Bunny Lim Entrepreneur, Owner of LA Bakeshop, Pampanga February 15, 2018