Alvin Neil Gutierrez

“To be able to ensure effective delivery of lessons in my class, I must continuously strive to be updated in all aspects of education. From the finer points of topic discussions to the bigger evaluations of real-life applications, I must be able to keep up with the ever-changing times. One tool that allows me to do that is the internet. So I can’t stress enough how important Converge Fiber X has been to me as an educator. Having a fast and reliable network gives me the flexibility to multi-task efficiently – research lessons, upload tasks, engage with students and, well, even have time to watch cute puppy videos!

If there is one lesson I’d like to put an emphasis on is that switching to Converge is like being a good student – you are prepared to take on a lot!”

Alvin Neil Gutierrez Educator, Award Winning Toastmaster Speaker Fiber X User March 28, 2018