We are a premier provider of customer-focused telecommunications and ICT solutions dedicated to equip, enable and empower our clients. As a pioneer in Fiber optic installations, we have dedicated our experience and expertise to ensuring our customers receive the best in networking infrastructure, facilities management, broadband implementation and full telecommunication infrastructure and support.

Fiber Internet Technology is the most innovative connectivity in the market today.

It boasts of a higher bandwidth which translates to higher Internet speed.

Unlike DSL, Fiber connection allows symmetric connectivity which lets you download and upload files at the same time without a loss in bandwidth.

No data congestion so data is delivered instantly.

Data  does not degrade when it passes through Fiber so you can enjoy consistently fast Internet speed.

Fiber uses lightweight, durable and non-flammable materials that are less susceptible to corrosion and environmental factors, so you can connect to the internet hassle-free with little to no downtime.

Converge made sure that you can enjoy premium fiber internet connectivity wherever you are. Be it at home (Converge Fiber X & Fiber Xtreme), in your small business (Converge iBiz) or in your big corporations (Converge Enterprise).

Converge takes pride in being able to offer the most affordable and the best value-for-money high speed fiber internet plans in the market.

For instance, our fiber for home product, Converge Fiber X starts at only P1500 with a whopping 25 mbps. Compared to other telco products, that is great value for your money!