Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the Converge 3-month Installment Plan?
This program aims to assist pre-qualified subscribers with their outstanding bill for April 2020 and earlier. Under this payment program, subscribers can settle their unpaid balances in 3 equal monthly installments.

2. Who can avail the installment plan?
The Program is open only to those subscribers who were pre-qualified and received an email or SMS notification for this offer.

3. How do I avail?
Visit any Converge Business Center, email us at or call (02) 8667-0850 or (045) 598-3000 to inform us of your intent to avail the program. You will be required to present the SMS or email advisory you received for this offer and one (1) valid ID.

4. What are the terms and conditions of this Installment Plan?

Terms & Conditions:

1. The installment program is open to Consumer & SME accounts with outstanding bill for April 2020 and earlier.
2. Subscriber needs to pay at least 1 full monthly subscription fee. The remaining balance shall be deferred in 3 equal payments.
3. 1st installment shall be charged on the nearest billing period on top of the regular monthly Fee
4. Computed bills from May 2020 onwards are excluded from the Installment Plan.
5. Terms and conditions are deemed accepted once the subscriber applies for the installment plan.

5. Is there a longer installment period?
The available installment period is 3 equal monthly installments.

6. What happens if I’m unable to pay the payment due next month?
Missed payments in any of the installment settlement period will follow the regular collection process. Account shall be subject to system deactivation only if number of months in arrears is meeting the criteria qualified for deactivation.