Converge Partnership with Equinix, AMS-IX and Any2

Converge ICT Solutions, Inc. has announced a new set of international peering partners that will help it extend its reachability and provide users a better Internet experience.

By partnering with Equinix, AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) and Any2, three of the world’s top Internet Exchange networks, Converge will be in a better position to provide faster interconnection. Equinix, AMS-IX and Any2 are open exchanges to data between networks that will mean high-quality connectivity, improve latency to destination sites and secure connections.

Thus, instead of rerouting, having peering partners such as Equinix, AMS-IX and Any2 will enable Converge to provide direct links and lessen network hops going to target Internet sites, which equates to more cost-effectivity in handling the projected increase in capacity of network traffic.

“We will certainly leverage on this partnership with the three top Internet Exchange networks in the world to help provide a better user experience for our customers. This is all part of Converge’s efforts to improve its network and reachability,” said Jesus Romero, COO of Converge ICT Solutions, Inc.

The partnership with Equinix enables Converge to interconnect with most of the Asian region’s carriers that land in Singapore. This includes some of the popular gaming sites, movie platforms and even productivity network providers such as Microsoft, Google, among others. It will also allow Converge customers to tap into the wide ecosystem of service providers, network carriers, and also with financial organizations for Converge’s enterprise customers to help increase potential business opportunities.

Based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, AMS-IX (Amsterdam Internet Exchange) is one of the world’s largest and independent Internet exchanges that interconnect more than 800 networks globally. The partnership with AMS-IX allows Converge to also connect with the region’s carriers that land in Hong Kong plus other networks in Europe.

Any2, the second largest Internet exchange in the United States and the largest on the West Coast, as an international peering partner provides improved network reach and bottleneck-free interconnection by having a direct path to more routes and US-based service providers for Converge customers.

Converge ICT has extensive domestic peering arrangements to include the Government PhOpenIx, PHIX, VIX as well as direct peering with other domestic service providers such as Globe and Eastern.

“By peering with top-tier global Internet exchanges, we provide Converge customers with many other benefits that will allow them to connect to the Internet faster, better, with more reliability and at lower costs.”

Converge ICT, Inc. also partnered with top domestic peering partners such as PLDT and Globe and currently has the 3rd largest Internet backbone in the country to help further improve the Internet experience of Filipinos.

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